My names Maddy. Welcome to my blog!

A bit about why I created this blog.

I’m currently a Masters student in Science Communication at Otago University. During this course I’ll be learning all the ways that there are to effectively communicate science to the public. And there are a lot of ways! As my lecturer described it, we are working at becoming the Swiss army-knives of the science communication world, and one of the tools on this Swiss army-knife is being able to create an engaging and scientific blog. Which brings me here, to Word Press.

A quick disclaimer – I am completely new to blogging. So if you’re reading my posts and are thinking of ways that I could make my content more interesting, engaging or just straight up better please let me know!


And a bit about what you will find in this blog.

As a graduate in zoology, I have always been interested in animal behaviour and how in some cases it can closely mirror human behaviour. In this blog I’ll be looking into several aspects of human behaviour that our culture blanketly categorises as weird, different, quirky or in some instances just plain wrong. If I’m doing it right, I hope to tie these topics back to examples within the animal kingdom and how these behaviours could have once (or still are) beneficial to our evolution as a species.

However, just because I’m arguing that some of these behaviours could be natural, it does not mean that I will always believe that they are right. All of my posts should be taken lightly! So, if I’m writing about cannibalism and how it has also been observed in many fish species and could maybe be a behaviour that was once also beneficial to us humans, it does not mean that I am pro cannibalism!

Sometimes I just like to play devil’s advocate. Don’t hate me.


So with that being said, I hope that you enjoy my blog! Thanks for checking in.